Future Disco - Visions of Love

Future Disco - Visions of Love

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2020 sees Future Disco release number 13 in the eagerly anticipated compilation series: Visions of Love. Displaying a fresh cover from the new artistic direction as part of their 10 year celebration in 2019, the album Visions of Love also shows off fresh sounds and exclusive tracks from a selection of exciting talent.

Visions of Love is for everybody seeking something new and exploring exciting opportunities. Future Disco has always managed to weave that line of interesting and party starting and on this album it’s no different. Disco has always been about uniting the dance-floor and Future Disco embody this spirit with a cross selection of sounds and artists.

Each copy of the vinyl includes a digital download code.

Vinyl Tracklist:

Side A

  1. Moon Boots - Tied Up (feat. Steven Klavier) (Keppy Dope Extended Remix)

  2. Kraak & Smaak - Sweet Time (feat. Izo FitzRoy) (Yuksek Dub Remix)

  3. Tender Games - Movin’

Side B

  1. Shinichiro Yokota - Timeless

  2. SIRS - Nightwind (Future Disco Edit)

  3. Boys Be KKO - Big Boys Don't Cry (Future Disco Edit)

  4. Chrissy - Your Ghost (X-Coast Remix)

Side C

  1. The Mekanism - Missing Love (Musumeci Remix)

  2. David Jackson - Broken Heart

  3. Lifelike Vs Alex Rossi - Italo Amore (Musumeci Edit)

Side C

  1. Kornel Kovacs - Marathon

  2. Phenomenal Handclap Band - Remain Silent (Superpitcher Remix)

  3. Donney Benet - Konichiwa

  4. Ekkah - After Me & You (Shiro Schwarz Remix)