Future Disco Vol.3 - City Heat

Future Disco Vol.3 - City Heat

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Released: 31/05/2010

Future Disco Volume 3 presents hot creations from some of the freshest artists of the moment including Lindstrom & Christabelle, Greg Wilson, The Revenge, Holy Ghost and Todd Terje. The Future Disco ethos is to bring together the very best in a burgeoning modern disco scene, no matter your musical persuasion. Following on from the debut Future Disco - A Guide to 21st Century Disco and subsequent The Extended Future Disco Mix, City Heat is a summer album re-edited and carefully mixed by Sean Brosnan, who joins the musical dots between disco of the past, present and future. Future Disco Volume 3: City Heat features unreleased and exclusive material such as Greg Wilson’s version of Ilija Rudman's "Call Me Tonight" and the Tensnake Remix of Johnny Dynell's "Jam Hot".


1. Drop Out Orchestra - Macaque
2. Lindstorm & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop
3. Curses! - The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub) 
4. The Revenge Ft. Danielle Moore - Just Be Good To Me (Ron Basejam Remix) 
5. Llija Rudman - Call Me Tonight (Greg Wilson Version) 
6. Crazy P - Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix) 
7. Nick Chacona Ft. Kathy Diamond - The Fear (Beg To Differ Remix) 
8. Todd Terje - Eurodans
9. Chambouché - Feverish (The Revenge Remix) 
10. Johnny Dynell - Jam Hot (Tensnake Remix) 
11. Moscow - Throw Up (Brontosaurus Remix) 
12. Bonar Bradberry - Carlos The Jackal
13. Sean Brosnan - Sat Jam (Ray Mang Remix) 
14. Ray Mang - Look Into My Eyes
15. Bot'Ox - Blue Steel 16. Magnus International - Mandass Morran Blus
16. Future Disco - Future Disco Vol. 3 - City Heat (Continuous Mix)