Tycho Back to Mine - Behind the Scenes

Continuing the legendary Back To Mine series is GRAMMY Award nominated Tycho. The release features tracks by some of Tycho's favourite artists as well as two exclusive, unreleased songs, including a Little Dragon remix and new edit of Tycho’s 2006 track, “PBS”.
We caught up with Tycho to talk about the album.
 “I think the selection process was a mix of old and new… Some of the older stuff is like old electronic music and moves into sort of Indie Rock territory”
As a musician himself, Tycho (Scott Hansen) has always wanted to create ‘cinematic experiences’ through his electronic music. For his Back To Mine entry the vision was no different - the aim being an album that flowed through like a movie and he certainly managed that. 
"An ascension into some giddy emotional highs, before
deftly dropping back into a feather-soft plateau for its final moments."
- DJ Mag Compilation of the Month
With a keen interest in art and graphic design, the cover for Tycho’s entry was inspired by his first visit to Burning Man festival in 2009 which he describes as being one of the most beautiful natural environments he’s ever been in. Each album Tycho made, he’s tried to recreate that beauty in different ways and whether you see the cover as a sunrise or a sunset, Tycho’s vision remains. 
WIth his perfect guests being his ‘old crew’ from San Francisco, Tycho encapsulates what Back To Mine is all about - it’s about that after party with your friends and getting excited about music. This series is renowned for curating some of the best afters music around, made by your favourite DJs as if they are in the room with you and Tycho makes you feel exactly that.
With a limited edition orange vinyl exclusive, you can get Tycho’s Back To Mine collection here