Back To Mine's Album of the Month March 2022: Tangerine Dream - Raum


This month we have selected Tangerine Dream's latest album, 'Raum', as our album of the month.

Pioneers of the electronic music movement since the late sixties, Tangerine Dream have inspired countless artists and produced a copious body of work via an ever-changing lineup since the band's conception. 

'Raum' is both invigorating and cinematic from start to finish and, as you would expect, flexes synthesiser mastery in a tasteful fashion. Tracks like 'In 256 Zeichen' straddle the line between overt maximalism and withdrawn constraint in both timbre and rhythm, whilst the opening track, 'Continuum', presents what seems like a straightforward euphoric movement on the surface, but is a complex arrangement that is rich in harmonic tension. 

The tone and instrumentation of the album reference the band's psychedelic roots with a sharp modern twist, sounding surprisingly fresh for an outfit that has achieved such a long and fruitful career. 

Back to Mine recommended!